I received the parts and I'd have to say that you and your guys do some really nice work. On top of that, you adhered to your commitment on delivery (actually ahead of schedule). Nicely done.
I believe we received the last of the required parts today. Exceptional job with respect to both precision and timeliness. I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was a real pleasure, and certainly as more machining jobs surface, you'll be my first contact. Please share the appreciation with your employee's, as they truly deserve it.
Everyone at Bless Precision Tool, is always pleasant, courteous & easy to talk to. I not only think of them as a supplier but also a friend.
Tell the guy who did the parts that he did a great job !
Maybe you should take him out to lunch !
I wanted to say thank you for the service you and Bless Precision Tool have provided us this year, I look forward to doing more business with Bless Precision Tool, please let everyone know how much I appreciate their hard work in providing us with quality parts you provide for us, may the New Year be a bountiful year.